FLAGA Group employees adhere to the following guiding principles jhhgkjkhgjhjgkj


  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Continual Learning
  • Clear Communication
  • Respect



Driven by an experienced and highly motivated workforce we are eager to perform at expectations and above, consistently executing on our commitment to our customers and employees, financial responsibilities, growth objectives, HSSE duties and compliance obligations.



We consider ourselves a reliable, steady and trustworthy partner for all stakeholders, including customers and employees, suppliers and vendors, local communities and shareholders. We ask the same from them in return.


Continual Learning

As a business that is the combination of multiple businesses in multiple countries, we are open to learn from each other and willing to change to improve.


Clear Communication

Management structures and lines of communications are clear and transparent. Open and honest two way communication is encouraged from all.



We strongly believe that our relationships with all stakeholders (customers and employees, suppliers and vendors, local communities and shareholders) benefits from treating everyone with respect.